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Taking A Brand To The Next Level

Car brands all around the world have multiple locations within a city and/or state for a variety of reasons. Multiple auto dealerships does increase revenue, and exposure to future car buyers driving off of a lot with their brand instead of someone else’s. Also, independent contractors/franchisee often purchase rights to their own dealership.

When franchisees purchase a franchisor’s brand/products/services, there are some rules that are standard across the board. Proper business attire such as business/business casual, suits, shirts pants/skirts, shoes, cover-ups of visible tattoos, and visible body piercings are put into place. Professionalism in the customer service industry is crucial.


KIA of Lansing lead by Skip Young understands what it means to run an efficient for profit business, with the genuine pleasure, and willingness to satisfy their customers. The team is built of industry experts who all share the same common goals of being successful, and providing excellent service/products. The Lansing branch is recognized as the #1 Kia dealership in Michigan. Despite first perception of their name, this dealership also services neighboring cities such as Grand Rapids, Detroit, Flint, and Battle Creek. With a commitment to excellence in numerous communities, it is quite apparent why this team will continue to have customer loyalty, and success within their own right.

Simple Tips for Your Toyota

If you have recently bought a Toyota, good for you! They are great cars. You can reduce the amount of time and money you spend servicing your Toyota vehicle by following a few easy tips.

  • Change you air filters regularly. Clean air filters improve fuel efficiency. The Department of Energy has said that new, clean air filters can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 14%.
  • Check your fluids on a regular basis. The oil, transmission and break fluids should all be checked at least once a season to make sure they are at the right level.
  • Wash your car. A lot of the gunk that falls on your car can impact the paint, which is basically a super charged sun and wind screen for your car. It is your car’s first defense against rust so making sure the paint is free of bugs, pollen and other gunk can extend the life of the car. This will also improve the gas mileage of the car. Anything you can do to make the vehicle lighter will reduce the load on the transmission and it might not seem like much but dirt and dust add weight to your car.

You can take simple steps to increase the lifespan of your car and cut your repair costs.

Car Shopping for the Future

Breakthroughs in car technology are making car shopping a lot more difficult for people. Now more than ever, people are faced with choices that were once considered science fiction. Technology’s hitting hard, though. In some places, entire highways are being constructed that provide electricity to your vehicle as you drive. It might not be the flying car we saw in movies, but that’s still an impressive plan. Still, at the end of the day, people still need to make basic considerations about what kind of car to buy.

Whether you’re looking for a certified pre owned jeep Cherokee or a brand new car, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Some people look primarily for comfort features. Newer vehicles are coming out with GPS systems that guide you to your destination, engines that run almost entirely on electricity, and rearview mirrors that are digital. Some cars practically do all the parking for you.

Basic considerations will always include fuel economy and durability, but people don’t just buy for practical features. Sometimes you just want a car that makes you feel good while you drive it. Regardless of what you drive, make sure it has the right set of features for you.

The Best Summer Used Car Deals in Town

How many times have you found yourself driving down the road, and your car starts to make noise? If you’re like most Americans, then this has happened to you on multiple occasions. Sometimes, it can be something so simple as a loose bolt, and other times, the entire engine can be messed up. Because cars can be so fragile to deal with, consumers need a place they can go that will understand all their car problems and needs. Once you get to a certain point, frustration will overcome the amount of money you want to keep putting into your car, and you will want to buy a new piece of automobile perfection. Although car dealerships like to claim they always have a sale going on, used car summer specials are without a doubt some of the best buys you will get all year.

No matter if you are looking for a car, truck or SUV, the staff will get you in the right car for you. Not only will they put you in the best car, but also if you don’t like it, you can bring it back within seven days. What more could you ask for than a seven day test drive? Not much, and if a reliable, used car is what you’re in the market for, then you don’t have to struggle any longer, your new ride has arrived.

Best Ways to Buy a Reliable, Used Car

Getting a reliable car that is pre owned is easier than it was years ago. In the modern era, the old adage about ‘they don’t build them like they used to’ really is a myth. Cars made in the last decade are much more reliable and safer than cars made 30 or 40 years ago.

Back in the old days, a car was at the end of its life at 100,000 miles. Now, many cars can be driven 250,000 miles or more!

When you are finding reliable used cars, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Check the tires of the car to see how hard it was driven. If the car has new tires and it has higher miles, it’s hard to see how hard the car was driven. Tires that have a high degree of wear on the outside could indicate the last owner was really driving it aggressively.
  • Have a good mechanic check out any used car you might buy. Sure, it costs a bit to have an inspection, but don’t you think it’s worth it? It could save you hundreds down the road.
  • Find out if it was a one-owner vehicle. This often means that it was better cared for and more reliable

Keep an Eye Open for These Common Car Problems



Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t know much about our cars. Unless you’ve taken an auto mechanic class at the local college, you probably just expect your car to run normally all the time, and only get worried if the scary red “Check Engine” light comes on. Yet, it’s important to be aware of possible problems before they arise, so you don’t end up having to pay out the nose for a complicated fix. Here are some warning signs to watch out for.

Engine Getting Jerky? Take it in for a Checkup

A car should always accelerate, brake, and turn in a smooth motion, free from jerking or weird movement. If you’ve noticed that your car has started to jerk a little, it’s definitely time to take it into a service station like Wilson Toyota. A jerky car is hard to diagnose, and can be a sign of problems with the spark plugs or the fuel system. Not only that, but some of those problems could cause your car to give out entirely, so get it checked soon before disaster strikes.

Keep an Eye on that Temperature Gauge

If your car overheats, it can cause severe engine damage almost immediately. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge if you’re driving uphill on a hot day. The last thing you would want would be a cracked head gasket!

Keeping Your Car in Prime Condition for Years to Come

In light of how much money you spent on this vehicle, you’re determined to keep it in mint condition for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, keeping your car up and running doesn’t have to require a tremendous amount of time or money on your part. Provided you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and take the car in for regular oil changes, you can rest assured that your car will be around for a good long while.

Regular Oil Changes

An oil change is the easiest way to keep your car running well. Most auto manufacturers, as well as the vast majority of mechanics, recommend that oil changes be performed every 3,000 miles. Oil keeps the engine and its various components comfortably lubricated, enabling your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently.

Maintenance Checkups

Whenever you go in for an oil change, have the mechanics give your car a basic checkup. At most auto shops, these checkups are performed free of charge. This will ensure that you’re immediately made aware of any problems under the hood and enable you to take swift action before they have a chance to escalate.

Ignoring potential problems in your vehicle can have disastrous – and financially strenuous – consequences. Luckily, most costly automotive problems can be avoided by staying current with oil changes and maintenance checkups.

3 Great Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Are you ready to purchase a new car? If so, you may be a bit concerned about the expense. A car is the second most expensive purchase that a person typically makes next to a house. However, if you are on a budget and are in need of a car, you are probably feeling a little bit hesitant about purchasing a new car. Fortunately, there is a way that you can save a great deal of money and still get a great quality car. How? – By purchasing a used car. There are several benefits associated with buying used. So, if you are selling your car and you are on the market for a new one, here’s a look at some of the reasons why buying used is so beneficial.


  • Save money. There is no doubt about it; a used car is much less expensive than a new one. You can save thousands of dollars by purchasing a car that is even just a few years old.
  • Less depreciation. New cars lose so much of their value so quickly. In fact, as soon as you pull a new car out of the lot, your car loses a tremendous amount of value. A used car has already experienced its biggest depreciation, so you don’t have to worry about it losing so much of its worth.
  • Less expensive to insure. Another way you can save money by purchasing a used car is the insurance. You can expect to pay a lot less to insure a used car because you won’t need to borrow as much money to finance it.